Your Dental Condition as You Age

One of the most common myths people all believe is – it is normal to lose teeth as one age. This fallacy leads people to disregard their dental health as they reach a certain age. “You are not getting any younger”. This concept is telling everyone not to stop taking care of their dental health even more as they get older. The fact is, the teeth can last a lifetime if only people take time to care for it properly.

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The mouth’s condition changes over time. Tooth enamel tends to wear down; this causes the teeth to become weak and become more prone to damage and decay. Saliva production in the mouth also decreases. This occurrence leads to xerostomia (dry mouth) a thinning or receding of the gums; both of which increase a person’s risk of cavities. Advancing age can also cause the nerves in each tooth to become smaller. As a result, the teeth become less sensitive to the development of cavities and other dental problems. Due to this, they are less likely to spot the presence of complications, especially without routine dental appointments

Periodontal (gum) disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for adults. That is because the said condition affects the structures that support the teeth in place like the gums and jaw. All these reasons listed above can happen if the patient happens to observe poor oral hygiene, practice bad habits, and rarely take dental actions.

To combat the ones listed above, we at Crown Dental Care have prepared a list of simple tips to maintain and improve your dental health as you age. Continue reading below!

Brushing is the most basic tip but also an essential thing to do in maintaining a good oral condition. Do it at least twice a day using a soft-bristled brush for best results.

For partial dentures user, always spare some time to clean them. Try taking them for a few hours daily and don’t forget to remove them at night.

Drinking tap water also helps in preventing tooth decay since it contains a significant amount of fluoride which forms around the teeth to serve as a barrier against acid attacks.

Stop bad habits such as smoking since it can lead to gum disease and even tooth loss.

Invest in flossing tools and perform it at least once a day to clean between areas of the teeth thoroughly.

Schedule regular dental visits for the dentist to provide you with the necessary dental services.

Since one of the most common worries of people aging is tooth loss, know that there is a specific service that can cater to their needs. If you find dentures to be uncomfortable, our practice offers an alternative in the form of dental implants! Instead of wearing a removable appliance, dental implants are like real teeth that are securely attached to the jawbone. The procedure is even considered as one of the closest there is to real teeth.

By practicing healthy oral habits and choosing to start a healthy lifestyle, you can help your teeth to last a long time. Also, don’t forget to seek help from professionals for they know what’s best for dental health.

Stop fearing myths and face reality with optimism. It’s never too late to show the world how beautiful your smile is, regardless of your age. We at Crown Dental Care can provide you with  Dental Implants in Germantown, MD for a dental restoration that offers a natural look and feel. Book an appointment with us now. Our dental clinic is located at 19873 Century Blvd., Suite #210 Germantown, MD 20874.

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