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Periodontal Services in
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Do you need periodontal services in Rockville, Maryland? Our team at Crown Dental Care is here to provide affordable and quality dental care to all of our community.

It is important that gum disease is treated as soon as you find out about it. If you have been living with symptoms of gum disease, get in touch with our friendly team for detailed information on how we can help you with an affordable treatment plan. Call us now to discuss your options.

How Much Does Gum Disease Treatment Cost?

Here at Crown Dental Care, we always remain committed to proving the Rockville community with affordable dental care. For affordable gum disease treatment, we are the dentists you can trust.

We have financing options available to those patients that need it, and we also proudly accept all PPO insurance plans. For more detailed information about the cost of our periodontal services, as well as your payment options, call us today.

What are the Stages of Gum Disease?

Gum disease progresses in three stages of severity. It is very important that you get treated as soon as you find out that you have gingivitis. The longer that gum disease is left untreated, the less likely it is that your natural teeth can be saved.

Gingivitis is the first stage when plaque builds up at your gum line and releases toxins that cause inflammation. Gingivitis is easy to treat with professional cleaning, causing no lasting damage.

Periodontitis will develop if gingivitis is left untreated. At this stage, the fibers and bone that support your teeth can become damaged.

If you seek treatment immediately, our dentist can prevent worse damage.

Advanced periodontitis is the worst form of gum disease. The impacts on your oral health are irreversible, often resulting in the loss of teeth and jawbone tissue. At this stage, the fibers and bone supporting teeth become destroyed, and teeth loosen to the point that extraction is necessary.

Do I Have Gum Disease?

You are a candidate for periodontal services if you display any symptoms of gum disease. It is very important that you seek treatment as soon as you find out that you have any sign of gingivitis or periodontitis. We will do everything we can to treat your symptoms, restore your oral health, and save your smile.

How is Gum Disease Treated?

We have a comprehensive range of periodontal treatment options that we provide, which are:

For more information on any of these treatments, please get in touch with us today.

When you need affordable periodontal services in Rockville, call us at Crown Dental Care right away. Contact us at (301)591-3888. We are here to care for all of our community and help you get back your confident smiles.

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