Tips on How to Recover From Wisdom Teeth Extraction

There’s something about removing wisdom teeth that worries adults. However, this procedure is not as bad as it seems. You must remember that this is a routine procedure performed daily by dentists. Here at Crown Dental Care, we offer you wisdom teeth extractions for reasons that include overcrowding, cavities, infections, and disease. During your wisdom tooth removal, we will place you in the best dental care for a comfortable extraction. Aside from that, we have also provided the following tips that will help you recover quickly from a wisdom tooth extraction. Read on to know what these tips are!

teeth extraction

Make a plan before your wisdom teeth extraction

It is recommended that you prepare for your recovery before your extraction. Schedule your extraction to take place when you have time away from work. Rest days are necessary following the removal of wisdom teeth. Aside from that, have someone help you get home after the procedure. You may even want someone to spend the rest of the day with you to help you move around or to look after you after the extraction.

Watch the food that you eat

Start with clear liquids and soft foods after your wisdom teeth removal. Foods that are best for this are ice cream, jelly, mashed potatoes, and soft vegetables. Our dentist highly suggests that you only return to solid foods when the bleeding stops. Moreover, it would help if you stayed away from soft drinks, caffeinated drinks, alcoholic drinks, and food with the risk of getting stuck in the extraction site.

Rest as much as possible 

Although you want to rush to return to your normal life as quickly as you can, you must take things slow for your long-term recovery. Elevate your head by pillows and relax as much as you can. Do not exercise for at least a day and wait for a few more days before you lift something heavy.

Open your mouth

The stiffness after the extraction is normal. However, it would help if you exercise opening your mouth; otherwise, the stiffness might become permanent. Tip: Open your mouth gently and slowly.

Don’t let a problematic wisdom tooth compromise your oral health! Schedule an appointment with Crown Dental Care to avail of Teeth Extractions in Rockville, MD. Our dental office is located at 1900 Chapman Ave., #100, Rockville, MD 20852.

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