Signs That Warn About an Underlying Oral Issue

Are you one of those people who tend to ignore any kind of pain that is felt in the body? Remember that pain is the body’s way of saying that there is something wrong. That said, people should take action whenever any pain is experienced to prevent the current issue from worsening.

Aside from pain, there are other signs the body is sending for patients to be aware of their condition. When it comes to the mouth, here are some examples of the things people should watch out for:

general dental care

Stained teeth

Among the other oral manifestations to be mentioned below, tooth discoloration is, most of the time, not a sign of any serious oral issues. The problem is experienced by people if they mindlessly consume strong colored substances. The best thing to do to prevent the said issue is by brushing or rinsing after taking strong-colored foods and beverages. Seeing the dentist for a professional teeth whitening treatment is best.

Aside from substances, medications taken by a person as a child can also result in striped or brown stains on the teeth. Fortunately, the dentist can also perform cosmetic treatments to remove such stains.

Red, swollen, bleeding gums

People may experience this condition as a side effect of hormonal changes, or due to the buildup of bacteria. Practicing proper oral care techniques like brushing and flossing can remedy the problem. However, if it persists for a week or more, this may already indicate the presence of gum disease. Fortunately, there are periodontal services ready at the disposal of a dental professional to help patients combat the devastating condition.

Crooked or loose teeth

The teeth are supported by the gums and jawbone to stay securely in place. But if the patient notices that their teeth are beginning to appear crooked or loose, actions should be taken immediately to prevent the possibility of losing teeth. The condition is the result of poor oral care and gum disease. If measures are not taken, a patient is more likely to lose their teeth gradually.

Sharp tooth pain

Sudden pain when biting down may indicate the presence of cavities. This occurrence is the result of bacteria that breaks down the food left in the mouth and turns it to acid. When these holes become too deep, patients are more likely to experience an increase in sensitivity. If the pain occurs occasionally, there is nothing to worry about. But if it takes place for a week or more, seeing the dentist is a must.

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