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Dental implants are currently one of the most in-demand dental restorations that many people are opting for. Although its traditional counterpart has served its purpose for many years, the availability of this newer and better option enticed a lot of people. Imagine having an oral appliance that sits permanently in the mouth; it’s just like having real teeth!

For those who are still entirely unfamiliar with this particular restoration service, dental implants are actually not the teeth themselves. Instead, these are screw-like components made of titanium that are surgically placed on the jawbone. Once set and left to heal, prostheses like crowns, bridges, and dentures can then be attached depending on what the patient needs.

Dental Implant

Aside from providing improved aesthetics, essential functions like chewing and talking that became quite challenging after losing some teeth are restored as well. That is why we at Crown Dental Care highly encourage our patients who suffer from edentulism (being toothless at some degree) to consider a dental implant procedure. And for them to get the most of their newly restored smile, we listed some of the most common mistakes to avoid. Continue reading below.

Dental Implant Mistakes to Avoid

  • Do not attempt to disregard the instructions provided by the dentist. For example, the best foods to consume and avoid during recovery, medications to take, and more. Not taking these recommendations seriously may increase the risk of dental implant failure.
  • Stop spending less time than what is advised for recovery. Know that it is imperative to give dental implants enough time for healing before patients can resume their daily activities.
  • Anyone would want to spend less money as possible; however, this is not a good call when it comes to dental implants. Remember, never try to save money when it comes to one’s health. Do not compromise the result of the procedure by choosing cheaper alternatives for this can lead to adverse effects over time.
  • Do not consume hard foods during the recovery period to not disturb the treatment site. What is usually advised to patients are liquid and spongy foods for a couple of days.
  • Never ignore the assistance sedation can provide during the placement of dental implants. Know that with the help of sedation options like local anesthesia, laughing gas, and oral sedation, the whole procedure would go smoothly.
  • Cease from choosing just any dentist to perform dental implant surgery. Know that this type of dental restoration requires the expertise and knowledge of a qualified professional to become successful.


After knowing all these, are you now ready to get a second chance for your smile? Let us at Crown Dental Care help you have an overall pleasant Dental Implant experience in Germantown, MD! Call or visit us at 19873 Century Blvd., Suite #210, Germantown, MD 20874.

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