Keep Smiling and Shining with Your Dentures in Germantown, MD

Missing a tooth or two is more than just leaving a few spaces in the jaw. If left unattended, a person may suffer from its adverse effects that can jeopardize their overall wellness. Imagine using a comb with a few ‘teeth’ missing; it would be quite hard to remove all the tangles or even cover the whole head. The same goes with the mouth. Its overall function will be affected if its structures are compromised.

Dental Appointment

Fortunately, there is one solution that has been serving for many years now and continues to be the leading choice of most people – dentures. It is a type of appliance made up of a gum-colored base with fake teeth attached. Depending on the type of restoration needed, it could be supported by metal clasps, or it may rely on the suction effect created by a tightly fitted device. Aside from the traditional option, we at Crown Dental Care also offer a more modern solution by utilizing dental implants for stable and durable placement. However, no matter how durable the materials and effective the techniques used are, proper maintenance should still be observed.

When wearing a dental appliance, it is essential for patients to observe proper practices to secure the longevity of their restorations. To make it effective, here is a list of tips we have prepared for our patients.

Proper Denture Care

Handle the prosthesis with care

Despite the durability of the appliance in helping people regain their chewing abilities, it can easily break; especially if dropped. When cleaning, place a towel on the counter or fill the sink with water to cushion the fall of the device.

Care for the overall oral health

Remember that the teeth are not the only vital parts of the mouth; other structures like the gums also deserve the same care. Even when wearing an artificial appliance, gum health should be maintained since it helps keep them in place. Compromising the gums places any dental device at risk of failing their purpose.

Give the gums and dentures a break

If the prosthesis is worn in extended periods, it may cause the oral structures to weaken gradually. Taking off the dentures for at least six to eight hours a day allows the oral tissues to recover. The best time to do so is during bedtime that is why dentists usually advise soaking during this time.

Observe changes in fit

To guarantee a fully functional restoration, dentists carefully take impressions to secure a perfectly fitting prosthesis. However, over time, patients may notice gradual changes in the fit that may eventually make it more uncomfortable and painful to use the appliance. To prevent this from happening it is best to schedule routine appointments so that the dentist may monitor and maintain the device effectively.

Do not miss out in life due to missing teeth. Invest with dentures for a favorable restoration but make sure also to secure its longevity to smile brighter, longer!

Suffering from tooth loss? Visit us at Crown Dental Care to know the available restoration solutions like Dentures in Germantown, MD! Our passionate team is ready to serve your oral needs.

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