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When dental professionals say that the mouth is the window towards the body, they are true to their claims. The gums and the human heart have a not-so-surprising connection. Some studies even stress the link between gum disease and heart problems. What’s the deal about this research? It is what you will find out below.

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Gum Disease And Heart Disease: The Ties

The Researchers’ Claims

Let’s go back in the year 2014 where the relationship between periodontal disease and cardiovascular issues were greatly studied. It was found out that those who have astounding gum health due to the adequate dental care spend smaller costs for heart maintenance procedures than those who failed to receive the right oral care. Because of these findings, many are convinced that gum health impacts a person’s heart health.

ADA And AHA: Their Say

The organization that supports dentistry, the American Dental Association, recognizes the connection of gum disease and heart health—same goes to the American Heart Association. The inflammation of the gums, as well as the bacteria, can produce negative impacts on the arteries, that is why the heart is highly affected when periodontal issues arise.

It’s Not Just The Heart

Gum disease has unexpected effects on overall health. When periodontal problems take place, the person is not merely putting a risk on their heart but their other body parts too. For instance, bacterias inside the mouth can spread into the lungs resulting in pneumonia.

The Symptoms To Know

Although gum disease and heart disease have significant relationships, they both have different symptoms. The dentists usually look for signs such as swollen gums, teeth sensitivity, chronic bad breath, gum recession, loose teeth, and bite changes to spot gum disease. For cardiovascular issues, heart attack, breathing difficulties, irregular heartbeat, pain in the chest, and dizziness are the common symptoms.

Protecting gums and heart is easy!

We at Crown Dental Care believe that with proper oral hygiene, routine dental visits, healthy habits, and right diet everyone can decrease their chances of suffering from the dangerous periodontal disease and heart problems!

Do you notice any problem with your gums? Halt it before it deteriorates your overall wellness! Avail our Periodontal Services in Germantown, MD now. You may visit our office at 19873 Century Blvd., Suite #210, Germantown, MD 20874.

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