Invisalign in Germantown, MD: Take Care of Your Aligners like a Pro!

Would it be possible to straighten the teeth without the use of bulky metal brackets and wires? Indeed! At Crown Dental Care, we provide Invisalign services to help patients attain the best smiles without the burden of braces. This type of orthodontic treatment utilizes a clear, thermoplastic material to create well-fitted aligners. Unlike the traditional way of fixing the alignment of the teeth, Invisalign is more convenient as the tray itself is removable. Patients can easily detach the appliance from their mouth during eating or brushing.



To maximize the result of the Invisalign treatment, looking after the oral device is important. Maintain the proper handling and care regularly. Do this by following the tips below:

Clean the oral device daily

Like the teeth and other structures in the mouth, the tray is also vulnerable to bacteria and plaque. The key is to eliminate these harmful particles every day. When it comes to cleaning the Invisalign aligner, it is necessary to avoid the use of abrasive solutions. Opt for a specific cleaning kit instead.

Soaking the tray in mouthwash is not recommended

A wide variety of mouth rinses made available in the market today are highly pigmented. Immersing the oral device to such might lead to staining.

Remove Invisalign when eating

We suggest taking off the clear aligner when consuming hot foods. The plastic resin that made up the Invisalign can be distorted or damaged when exposed to heat. Sugar – the leading cause of tooth decay – and other particles might also gather to the tray.

Store Invisalign aligner properly

Remember to place the tray inside the case provided by the dentist if not worn. Doing so will prevent you from losing the oral appliance. Make sure to store it in a secure area where children and pets can’t easily reach.

Follow the points mentioned above to make your Invisalign journey a successful one!

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